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and a powerful movement ask some how they got the commission to hear them when it came to the outages. and shortages in drug
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companies. and one congressman is taking captiol hill today. and many say that it eased racial tensions. the passing of a comic legend. george jefferson has left us. and megan is off today. and we have a check of the weather. mike, look at the traffic. things are getting different. >> now we have the accidents. if it is mostly in baltimore city. we'll get through it and each and every and show you the maps and coming up. >> i have the silver lining this morning. >> lots of sun shine. that's the key as you step out. we get a break from the humidity t is warm, dry and fair skies. we'll -- it is warm and dry and fair skies. let's check it out in terms of temperatures in the 60s this morning. 64 now in glen wood. and more of the same in
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columbia. and all this is courtesy of that front that moved through. look at what we have right now t is gorgeous. plenty of blue skies that will prevail. you don't have to worry about maryland's radar getting wet. no type of storms whatsoever but we will start to see a change in the forecast and look at that trend for you as tomorrow, that's the day. temperature 97 degrees but feeling like we're in the triple digits. right now let's head over to mike and a check of the traffic. >> and good morning to you. a couple of issues. baltimore city it is around the city points. let's go to the maps and where we -- where we are talking about. and baltimore city and west side an accident. that's going to tie things up. we'll swing it around to the west and you are seeing another accident that popped up last hour. that's going to cause you issues that's 129 and park
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heights avenue. and to around 21 miles an hour. we move to the south, seeing congestion picking up. and the national pike, notice the indicator showing a 33-mile per hour average speed after exit 16 and head forge 15. -- heading for 15. and this is at liberty. a ride. notice how things are getting more congested. and showing things and looking good. we have some drive times from 43 and 695. a 95 to 83. and you from going to 795 and 95 that's a 12 minute ride. thank you. and breaking news and we have confirmed with authorities that cal ripkin's mother has been reported missing. this is a photo. she was seen wearing a white blouse. she own as silver 1998 lincoln
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town car with the tags. and a little after 8:00 last night and police are information about this and you have seen it and give them a call. people in howard county said they came to a meeting and shake up the powers that be on how they supply the power. we have more on what happened last night and the people did not take this meeting standing still. >> reporter: they had enough and they want something done. a few people teamed up to get 100 people to sign a petition to have the public service commission investigate the complaints. for three hours they offered testimony. they did not single out a storm. they used outages during irene and isabel and kept them in the dark. on any given day they come home
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and clocks are linking. it will consider the complaints and make recommendations for change. and david rubben almost died when his machine shut off during a power outage. >> and i gasped my note is infected. that is what happened during the power outage following irene. >> look at this area it is better than parts of the system. >> and now it will hear more system when the meetings on the power outages start next month. this is not just about the recent storm. this is a pattern they're not happy about. so now what? >> they say they are fed up. this is happening they want a change. they are tired of the outages. they want bge to take them seriously and take care of their problem. >> thank you very much.
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and moms and dads. a consumer alert. strollers now being recalled. and peg perego recalling models between january of 2004 and september 2007. children can become trapped and strangled. and one cup hold remember part of the recall. to get a list and if you own one of these strollers, stop using it meetly. contact them for a kit. and drama in the family. deputies were called to the family home after a fight broke out. sources are telling cnn the siblings attempted to convince michael jackson's children to leave the home with them and paris and prince refused. katherine jackson was reported missing but later found in
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arizona. green water and could you see this in the faucets in baltimore city. no need to worry. we'll explain why. so right now in maryland, the temperature coming in at 70. clear skies but we have been tracking this complex of storms and diving down into north carolina now f you want to track the storms with us. make sure you down load our app. go to our app store. and good morning. we're getting some issues coming in. 95 southbound as you approach 695. an accident. we'll confirm it coming up on good morning, maryland. [ male announcer ] we've made verizon fios
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hollywood saying goodbye to two stars. sherman hensley passed away at
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his home in texas. no word on a cause of death. fans of the series medical center are remembering chad everett. he died tuesday he was 75. 6:40. two shootings in california. and they have sparked a lot of violence by the way of protest. this is outside of city hall as members voted to ask the u.s. attorney to investigate. demonstrators who did not attend the meeting took to the streets tossing rocks and bottles and setting trash cans on fire. and how an actor and a silver lining for a dark cloud over parts of colorado. what is going on. a congressman gets to the bottom of a drug shortage problem. and an apartment complex in pg county nothing but charred
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remains. people trying to get on with their lives e we have sunshine, low humidity. and baseball weather. that's after the break.
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back now to the breaking news. authorities that cal ripkins mother has been found safe. she has been located and is being interviewed. this is a picture of the 75- year-old. her vehicle was seen of essex after 8:00 last night. she has been found safe. that is according to authorities. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. good morning to you. we're looking at a powerful radar now. we are nice and dry. we will city dry throughout the day. we will have plenty of sunshine to boot. and we're looking at the sunrise and it is out there. here it is.
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and a lot of sunshine, not a cloud in the sky. and the hour by hour forecast is good. coming in at 83 and 88 by 4 p.m. and 88 degrees this time of the year and temperatures and a check now of the time saver and accidents to talk about. this is 95 as you approach around 64. and we'll have one of the cameras. and seeing the delays as far as back as 62, that's 62 and that's about less than a mile long, that's a major delay. and 95 southbound again as you approach 695. they are saying this is a major accident with a motorcycle and a car. we'll be watching the latest on
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the wires. we'll update you coming up. and there is the shot of 695 at 95. that is tying things up. and this is in baltimore city and we have an accident. a live look. and. this is going to be a 695 and smooth sailing and expect delays. back to you. new information on the woman planning to attend graduate school at the university of maryland. she was wounded in the colorado shooting on friday morning the premier of the movie. petra anderson was hit four
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times. her pastor said that if one of the bullets went a mill meeter in any direction her brain would have been destroyed. anderson is speaking and talking and make a full recovery. and the family cannot afford the bills. you can help by following at ready to believe. and news this morning. the parent were part of that. and the shooting. mom and baby they're okay. and join us. that's as the information is available. and what if you cannot afford or find the medication
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that can help. he is stepping forward. it is about the gray market. >> he launched an investigation after receiving a letter from the university of maryland women's basketball coach brenda freeze. she was having trouble getting medication to treat leukaemia. the investigation revolves around the actions of pharmecutical companies believed to be creating a shortage of medicines. and it is proposing reforms to stop price gouging and make the supply chain safer. and bren ta was involved. what moved her into action to
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make this happen? >> she was in a state of disbelief when she heard about the problem and wanted to do something. >> and there are families crying for help and not being heard. >> thank you for that this morning. we have crews in pg county saying a teen has died after being found in a pond. the teen was going into the pond near 193,000 block of old staying coach but no one saw him resurface. they hope toed to pinpoint the teen. people are homeless after their apartment complex went up in flames t happened near the 1900 of rochelle avenue and district heights a police
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officer saw flames coming from the first floor of the building. he called 911 and started yelling for everyone to get out. the fire quickly spread. >> and they are looking up. i saw the smoke and fire on the other half of my building. >> it caused the third floor to collapse. investigators do not know a cause. lawmakers are getting closer to a special session gambling. the house speak ser meeting with others and if that session happens lawmakers will discuss adding another casino as well as adding table games to the casinos. , you can see green in your faucet and the department of public works. they are using a die to make sure the system for the inner harbor is moving smoothly. they are looking for leaks in the pipes. you will not see the dye if you
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see the green water do not worry, the dye is non-toxic. and five things you need to know. a trial conference is happening in the murder case. and a battle over the voter id law bring brought to the courtroom. the aclu is contesting a law that will disenfranchise voters. apple now releasing a new operating system today. that is called mountain lion and be available through digital down load. the president on the campaign trail again. he will be traveling new orleans where he will speak for the urban league conference
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being part. muhammed ali is being honored t is being hosted by sports for peace. he is being honored for his civil rights arena. and looking good outside now. i will start us out where there is sunshine right now. looking at the green. and a great day to get out there and gulf. if not you are going to bethesda, the golf club there and a great day to be out on the course. you can see the shot here not a cloud in the sky. that's pretty much the scenario as we go through today. look at the temperatures. 62 now and 62 more of the same in frederick and glen wood in north will and 70 in rock hall.
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you are coming in around 70. we're feeling comfortable. the reason why the dew points yesterday were in the 70s today we're talking about 590s. yes and the 60s. you know what that means the temperatures are feeling comfortable, the air out there is feeling comfortable. that's what we will contend with only for one day. enjoy it. do what tough do. change is coming. high pressure is doing its thing ushering in the flow. that's drier. we will see change tomorrow. and future trend picking up on storms possible and temperatures are going to ramp up. that's in a moment. look at today, 88, this is where we should be. and as we head to the game tonight, 84, mostly sunny a second day playing the rays. we hope we win. here is the 7-day forecast we'll get hotter as we go into thursday a chance for scattered showers and storms.
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and we are more seasonable as we head into the latter part of the weekend. now to get a check of traffic. good morning. good morning to you. we have to bring your attention to an accident that we're following t is a very bad now. 95 as you approach 695. this is the issue at hand. that's knocking down three lanes at this hour. they are sneaking by trying to get traffic through and involving a motorcycle and a vehicle. i want to pop up one of the traffic cameras and a bad looking shot but it is giving you an idea what delays we're seeing. this is on looking towards the north as i exit 62. we're seeing tie ups on the north and southbound lanes on 95 right now at this hour. a serious accident right now again as you approach 695. we'll take you to another. this is park heights. that's knocking out the right
6:56 am
lane. and bt another at biddle street. that's causing issues. another area is the congestion that's picked up. notice our speed sensor. and the traffic flow from the beltway and where it intersecretaries and we'll take you outside live to show you this is a live when camera showing you 95. here say another and that's going to tie you up for several miles. and i'll teak you there. and we have confirmed that cal ripkin's mother has been found. she was reported to be missing earlier. she was located and is being interviewed. this is a picture of the 74- year-old. her vehicle was seen in essex
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last night. she has been found. she is being interviewed. time for gma. ♪ [ horn honks ] ♪ oh, those were the best of days ♪ ♪ i still feel the summer rays ♪ that graced our backs as we went down the lane ♪ [ horn honks ] [ male announcer ] when your car is more
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